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No element of a document can be edited after it has been notarized. Please make sure to review the document thoroughly prior to granting approval to the notary to notarize during the signing process.

We can notarize a document if you and our notary can communicate directly, in the same language, without third party involvement, including an interpreter. Please send us your language requests by email.
Note that the notarial wording in the notarial certificate (the part that the notary signs) will need to be in English. The notary will attach a notarial certificate to your document which will be in English, assuming your document permits the use of such a certificate.
In all cases, we recommend that you confirm with the intended recipient that the document is acceptable for its intended use.

Yes. In some cases, a translation will be required.

In some cases, your recipient may require original signatures from all signers. In order to fulfill this requirement, you will need to meet with a notary over video chat to show ID and sign your documents. After the session, you will mail the original documents to the address provided by your notary. Once received, the document will be notarized and sent to you or your recipient.